Top 10 iPhone Hacks - 2024

Top 10 iPhone Hacks

Top 10 iPhone Hacks

If you’re looking for some of the best iPhone hacks on the internet, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, you’ll find awesome iPhone tips and tricks that will help you get more done in less time.

Top 10 new iPhone Hacks

Read on for our top iPhone hacks!

1. Take a Screenshot of a Web Page

When you go to take a screenshot on your phone, you’ll see an annotation thumbnail to the bottom right of your screen. Tap on it to get it to full screen. If you took the screenshot on Safari and the web page is longer than your screen, scroll up to the top and look for a tab that reads, “Full page.” 

Tap on the “Full page” tab, and you should see a slider appear that shows the entire page. You can use the slider to capture the parts of the web page that you’d like a screenshot of. 

2. Make Calls Via Wi-Fi

End up in an area with poor cell service? Not to worry. You can call with Wi-Fi (if you’ve got a wireless carrier that enables Wi-Fi calling).

Start out at Settings, then click on Phone, then Wi-Fi Calling.

Top iPhone Hacks

Once you’ve done that, set up an emergency address for your phone (911 centers can’t tell what your exact location is when you use VoIP calls.

How can you check if calling via Wi-Fi is enabled on your phone? Swipe to the Control Center, and you’ll see the word Wi-Fi next to your carrier's name. 

3. Use the Night Shift Filter

Blue light from your phone can keep you up at night - but we don’t want to stop using our phones just because it’s dark outside. With the Night Shift setting, you won’t have to. 

Go to Settings, then Display & Brightness. You’ll see the option for Night Shift, and when you click on it, the screen will change to a yellowish tint. This type of light may not be optimal for videos, but it will protect your eyes and make it easier to sleep.

Another trick is to go into your settings to make it automatically update at specific times and then automatically de-activate in the morning. 

4. Easily Share Your Wi-Fi Password

It’s great having friends on your Wi-Fi, but it’s not fun when you have to write down a string of numbers and letters to do it. Here’s how to share your Wi-Fi password automatically with friends that use iOS 12 or higher, iPadOS, or macOS (High Sierra or higher).


First, you and your buddy should enable Bluetooth, and you should make sure they’re on your contacts list. Tell your friend to go into their Wi-Fi settings. Once they do, you’ll see a pop-up on your screen saying “Do you want to share the Wi-Fi password for [your network] with [their contact name]? Tap Share Password and that person will be logged in.” 

5. Teach Siri How to Pronounce Names

Although it can be funny to hear Siri butcher your friends’ or nearby street names, it can also get annoying at times. Sometimes Siri will ask if she pronounced it correctly - but other times, you'll have to teach her. 

Here’s how: 

Say, “Hey Siri, learn how to pronounce [name].” Siri will confirm which contact name you’re looking for, and then she’ll ask you to pronounce it. You’ll see different options on the screen and you can choose the one that she pronounced correctly (or came as close as possible). 


6. Use Lyrics to Search for Songs

Have you ever wondered what the name of a song is? If you’re looking for the name of the song that goes, “But strangely, your mange is the same,” Apple’s got you.

Here’s how to do it:

Go to the Apple Music app and tap on the Search button. Tap the search box at the top and double-check the box below to make sure it says, “Apple Music.” Type in the lyrics and Apple will display all the songs with those lyrics in them. 


7. Open Tabs in the Background

To open links into new tabs in the background (rather than having it interrupt your flow), you can click the link with two fingers and it’ll automatically open up your tabs in the background.

There’s another way to do this if the two-finger tap doesn’t work for you: 

Go to Settings, and scroll down to Safari, and down again to Open Links. 

Click on Open Links and you’ll see two options: In New Tab, or In Background. Click In Background to have all your links open up without distracting you from what you’re currently doing on the first page you’re on. 


8. Check Your Battery’s Power Cycles

Whether you’re buying a used iPhone or just want to know how long it may be before you need to replace your battery again, you don’t need to head down to the iPhone store to find out that information. 

For reference, a normal battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity at 500 complete charge cycles. Want to know how close your battery is to that number?

Go to Settings>Privacy>Analytics and Improvements>Analytics Data. Scroll down to the L’s until you find the most recent “Log aggregated.” Tap on Log aggregated and then tap the share button on the top right. 

Scroll down to View Battery Cycle, and you’ll see a popup of how many battery cycles your phone has had. 


If you don’t want to do all of that, though, you can download the shortcut here. 

9. Send Your ETA Automatically

Have you ever been on your way to meet a friend somewhere and wished that you didn’t need to send them a text to let them know? You can do that via Google Maps.


First, open up Google Maps and set the location as a favorite. Click on Favorites and then on the “i” icon to the right. On the bottom of the screen, you’ll see the words Share ETA. You can add a person, and when you do, you’ll automatically notify them every time you navigate there. Your location, route and ETA will be viewable by them until you arrive. 

You’ll never have to manually update (or stop driving to send a text when you’re already behind schedule) again!

10. Hacks for Notes

If you hold your finger down on the Notes icon, you’ll see multiple options. One of the options is Scan Document. This option allows you to take a picture of all the pages in a physical document and compile a PDF. Once you’ve done that, you can view it page by page or share it with other people. 

You can also draw or sketch notes by clicking the pen nib icon. Choose from a number of writing implements: marker, highlighter, or pencil. You can choose your line thickness options by holding your finger down on the tool, as well as changing the color and opacity.

Did you know you can password protect notes? Go to Settings > Notes > Password. From there, tap iCloud or On My Phone (wherever you store your important notes). Enter a password and verify it, and create a hint for the password.

For more iPhone hacks, check out this article by iPhone Geeks or this video by Brandon Butch, which is where we sourced many of these great ideas from!

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best 10 iphone hacks 2024

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