What is the best kind of bag for a concert?

What is the best kind of bag for a concert?


Looking for the concert bag?

Social gathering restrictions have loosened up, and music enthusiasts are once again able to enjoy concerts. Attending a live music event should be a fun, carefree experience, and to ensure you make positive memories, it’s a good idea to take the right steps in accessorizing for a concert. 



For example, if you’re traveling a significant distance to attend the event, you’re going to want to pack and carry the items you need for the concert apart from your travel luggage. Not only is it inconvenient to carry a bulky bag during a concert, doing so might delay or prevent you from entering the event space. 

Because most venues have rules about bag sizes, it’s a good idea to leave your travel luggage either at your hotel or securely in your locked vehicle. Only bring with you a small, secure bag to store your belongings during the concert.

What To Look for in a Concert Bag


Concerts usually only last for a few hours, so you should only carry items that you’ll need during that time. Phones, IDs, cash, and credit cards are good examples of items you should bring with you to a concert. 

To comply with venue regulations, free up your hands during the concert, and keep your valuables close, there are a few important features to look for in a concert bag:

  • Small size: be aware of bag size limits for the venue you’re attending (less than 12” by 12” is a standard regulation)
    • Security: be sure to choose a bag that zips, snaps, or closes securely
    • Transparency: many (but not all) venues require bags to be transparent

    Perhaps most importantly, it’s a good idea to choose a bag designed to keep your valuables close to the front of your body. Concerts can be stimulating and distracting, so it’s relatively easy to lose items that are stored in backpacks or back pockets. A crossbody bag is a great choice when it comes to keeping your valuables secure without requiring you to carry everything in your hands.

    Here are three excellent options when it comes to deciding on the best bag for concerts. Here our list, if you are wondering -what to bring to a concert? 

    #1- Crossbody Phone Case Bag



    What is the best bag for a concert?


    Because your phone is one of the main items you’ll be carrying with you at a concert, a phone case that doubles as a bag is a smart option. 

    Keebos crossbody phone case bags are designed to fit several different phone models (both Samsung and iPhone), and they’re made out of durable material attached to a strap that concert attendees can wear as either a lanyard or a crossbody bag. 




    Phone case bags not only keep concertgoers from damaging or losing their phones, but the back panel has an attached wallet to hold cash, IDs, and credit cards. Wearing a concert crossbody bag with the wallet side against your body helps keep cards safe and secure.

    what to bring to a concert

    Additionally, these phone case bags come in a variety of colors including black, woven red, pine green, camo green, gold, and pink (depending on your phone model).

    #2- Clear Crossbody Bag

    If you need to carry a few extra items, avoid keeping them in your back pockets. Instead, you may want to opt for a slightly larger clear crossbody bag. This bag type comes in a variety of different styles, and can either zip or snap closed to keep your items secure. It’s ideal for concert attendance, being that your valuables are always a hand’s reach away.


    Clear crossbody bags can be found for under $20 on Amazon or around $200 on Kelly Wynne or other designer sites. 

    #3- Fanny Pack

    Finally, if you’re not a fan of having a strap on your shoulder or wearing anything around your neck, you might want to wear a fanny pack to a concert. This bag type provides the same level of security by keeping your valuables safe on the front of your body, but also will not move around, tangle, or irritate your neck or shoulder.

    For some great festival fanny pack ideas, check out this bag by xyco.

    Chances are, you count on having a good time when you attend a concert, and losing your belongings to theft or damage will most definitely sully the positive memories you want to form. Do what you can to prepare yourself for the event you’re attending. You may want to add a few security measures (enabling your lockscreen, downloading Find My Device, etc.) to your phone before you attend the event, just in case.

    Though bag restrictions can be irritating, there are plenty of stylish concert purses and bags that will fit your style and keep your property safe at the same time. 

    If you’re looking for a durable, reliable concert crossbody bag to store your phone and money, take a look at our collection of Keebos! We carry several crossbody bag options that offer concertgoers a convenient way to keep track of the items they need to have with them during the event. 


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