Best Phone Case for Disabled

Best Phone Case for Disabled


Best & Most Helpful Phone Case for Disabled

We’ve had lots of customers talk about why Keebos are the best phone case for disabled people, and we’re convinced! In this article, we’ll cover how Keebos can help people with disabilities continue to do what they’re passionate about by accommodating their needs. We’re so thankful to be a part of it!

Keebos also help people who are injured as they’re on the road to recovery, so we’ll dive into the more practical aspects of how to use Keebos with an injury. We’ll specifically cover injury to the collarbone and broken arms. 


Finally, we’ll close with a quick reminder that Keebos are fantastic for all types of people, be they moms, festival attendees, senior citizens, or any other group. Men and women alike love Keebos - so let’s talk about it!

Best Phone Case for People with Disabilities

Disabled people love Keebos because of how accessible the phone case is. Patricia, one of our loyal customers, has even posted a review with her reasons why she loves Keebos lanyard phone cases. In this section, we’ll go over her review of Keebos and add a few more thoughts.

“I have MS and Keebos phone case with strap helps me keep my phone close, accessible and safe in in my every day life” - Marton 



“I found Keebos - my husband easily put it on my phone and it is perfection!” Patricia’s solution was to purchase a Keebos phone case. She went on to explain what she loved about it: “I wear it around my neck and it sits in my lap because I am in a mobility scooter. I can easily reach down and look up anything on the phone... It is also attractive, lightweight, and comfortable. I want to thank the entire Keebos team… I am a very happy customer!”

best phone case for disabled and wheelchair

(we asked her if we can share her message with our followers and customers 😊)


Patricia is a passionate photographer, but due to her disability, she couldn’t safely hold a phone. She had to be selective about what phone cases she purchased. Keebos was the perfect fit for her: “When I want to take a photograph, I have already found the elastic strap on the back to be a wonderful way for me to hold the phone safely while I take a picture.” 

phone case for disability

Being disabled can feel like an uphill battle. Fighting for accommodations, hoping for accessibility every step of the way, only to find that despite the strides some have tried to make, lawmakers haven’t done nearly enough. Things that non-disabled people tend to take for granted, like transportation, become an entire ordeal. With Keebos, you grab your phone to call someone to pick you up or remind the transportation department to bring your ramps. 






Here at Keebos, we know we can’t solve all the issues of the disabled community, but we are so thankful we can help in a small way. It’s because of our customers’ love of Keebos that we feel they’re the best phone case for people in wheelchairs, mobility scooters, etc. If you’re disabled, we’d love for you to give Keebos a try. 


One of the founder's friends recently send us this message, about Keebos helping her moms neighbor.


Best Phone Case for Injured People

Even if you’re not disabled and lead a highly active lifestyle, there’s a good chance you could end up with an injury sooner or later. Adventure has its price - but you don’t have to pay as steep a price with Keebos crossbody phone cases. These handsfree handicap phone accessories are not only super convenient but also fashionable and cute. 


Keebos help keep your phone where you need it. This means that if you have a broken collarbone, you won’t have to spend those 10-12 weeks of recovery without your phone. Even if your arm and shoulder are in pain, you can access your iPhone or Samsung with your other arm. This makes it a great phone case for people who are injured.

Keebos are a helpful phone case for people with broken arms and other types of injuries. By wearing it as a necklace, you’ll have it with you and can grab it even if one of your arms is out of commission. Instead of further straining your arm or hand, you can keep your money and cards in the wallet in the back, where it’s easy to slide your cards out to pay. It also gives you a good hiding spot for your ID and credit cards, so you don’t have to wrestle your hand into a pants pocket while you’re sitting down due to a foot injury. 

handicap phone accessories


The lightweight lanyard design helps you keep track of your phone without being as invasive as an arm strap phone case would. If you happened to break your arm, where would you wear the armband? You couldn’t wear it on the injured arm, especially over your cast, because it would be painful. But you also couldn’t wear it on your non-injured arm due to the fact it’d be nearly impossible to get your phone out of that position. One of our customers told us that this is best cell phone accessory for disabled, which made us grateful to hear. The more people we can help in their daily lives, the happier we are! 

Best Phone Case for Anyone!

When it comes down to it, Keebos are for everybody. Whether you have a disability, an injury, or have a full range of mobility, Keebos can help you in your day-to-day life. 

Busy moms love that Keebos allow them to hold the hands of their little ones. They quickly snap a cute picture to upload to Instagram, and whether or not the dress has pockets, they can look cute and keep their phones close. The Style Edit Trix blog calls Keebos “The perfect way to carry your phone on the go”: “You better believe this mama will be maxing and relaxing and my Keebos will be the perfect accessory to keep things stress-free.”



Festival-goers say it’s a lifesaver for them because they can keep their money and phone nearby while they’re enjoying the music. No matter how hard they’re dancing, they won’t drop your phone or lose it! Potential thieves will be less likely to target them too since their phone is out in the open where anyone can see it.


Senior citizens love them because they don’t have to worry about misplacing their phones, but they also don’t have to wear restrictive armbands to keep their phones close. They can send messages and photos to their grandkids, so they can be in touch even if they’re far away. 


Outdoorsmen are Keebos fans because it’s tough and allows them to spend more time in nature. GPS is always accessible and the wallet helps them store day-use fees. It’s lightweight and easy to carry, making it a good option for fishermen, campers, hikers, etc.

Need more reasons to love Keebos? They’re compatible with all types of iPhones and Samsungs, from very early phone models to the most recent. They’re chic, stylish, and versatile. Keebos come in a variety of colors and styles, with adjustable straps so you’ll stay comfortable, no matter what. We give back by ensuring a tree is planted with every purchase, too!

phone case for disabled

Keebos are a great solution for all - so check out our collection today!




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