What is the Best Phone Case for Moms?

What is the Best Phone Case for Moms?

The Best Phone Case for Moms?

The short answer is Crossbody Phone Cases. There are so many reasons why! Moms do it all. They own businesses, cook, run errands, take care of household finances, clean, and play with their kids. At any given time, a mom can be spinning 30 plates, working hard to keep each one balanced and prevent them from falling to the floor. 

You’ve come here asking, “What is the best phone case for moms?” because you refuse to give the woman who had such an impact on your life a phone that’s second-best. 


Whether you’re a grateful son or daughter, or a mom who needs a phone case, look no further. Here our 10 reasons why Keebos phone cases are the very best phone case for moms. 

1. Crossbody Cases Make It Easier to Hold Hands

At Keebos, our goal is to help you live a life that’s hands-free and carefree. As a mom, you might feel like you’ll never get the “carefree” part of your life back, but you can come close!


Keebos allow you to wear your phone in style without worrying about dropping, damaging, or losing your phone.Go ahead and rollerskate with your kids and soak in the moment, or take them to the beach and explore seashells with them. 



Whether your life is super-hectic because you have endless schedules to coordinate or whether you don’t want to lose your phone again for the hundredth time, Keebos will have your back so you can hold their hands.

2. Your Phone and Wallet, In One Place

The last thing a busy mom needs is something else to remember. We keep things simple by providing a small 7-card wallet right on the back of your Keebos phone case. The design allows you to easily slide your cards in and out. 


Now you can master the art of a one-handed transaction without waking the sleeping baby in your arms! Experience the level of mom-stealth that your other friends will wish they had. 

3. They’ll Match Your Outfit

There is no shortage of Keebos phone cases. We’ve got multiple styles and multiple colors for multiple phone types. Whether you’ve got a flip phone, a folding phone, or a regular type of phone, you’ll find a vast array of options available to you. 


Here are some of the styles we have available:

  • Premium Cords
  • Elegant Chains
  • Industrial Straps

Color options include:

  • Gold
  • All black
  • Black with gold accents
  • Red woven
  • Pink
  • Green 
  • Green camo

No matter your personal style, you’ll love at least one of our phone cases (if not several). Whether you’re preppy, tough, classy, goth, or industrial punk rock, you can find the right phone case to match your eclectic and awesome style. 

(If you want a color that you don’t see here, stay tuned! We are always working to improve our products to deliver value to our customers.) 


4. Best Phone Cases for Moms. They're also easy to clean

Let’s be honest: motherhood is a messy job. From the very beginning, babies are known to have blow-outs and spit-up accidents - so it’s vital that you have a phone case that’s easy to clean.  

The Royal Gold and Royal Onyx cases are especially easy to clean. Just give the clear phone case and chain a quick swipe with a Clorox wipe and you’re good to go. You can keep chasing messes to your heart’s content, knowing your phone case can handle any mess. Really the ultimate phone cases for moms!

best phone case for moms

5. Compatible with Samsung Phones and iPhones

Things can get pretty heated over the great iPhone vs. Samsung debate, but we’re not looking to pick sides. Samsung phones and iPhones each have their merit, but it turns out that the best iPhone case for moms just so happens to be the best Samsung case for moms as well!


We’ve got a phone case for every iPhone, from the most recent down to the 5/5S/SE First Generation.

Additionally, we’ve got a phone case for every Samsung down to the S9. In other words, if you’ve got a phone, chances are that we’ve got a case for it!

6. You Can Keep Your Grip

Looking for an elegant way to hold your phone that won’t get in the way? We’ve taken care of that by adding a sleek elastic band to the back of your phone. It serves a dual purpose of keeping your phone wallet closed (and your cards secure) and allowing you to keep your grip. 

best iphone case for moms

As funny as “phone face” memes are, it’s not funny when you’re the one suffering from it. Avoid it altogether by looping your fingers into the elastic band. You’ll never have phone face again!

7. Your Favorite Celebrities Have It

We’re not sure which stars, influencers, and models you like most, but chances are that some of them have Keebos. Here are some of the celebs on our ever-growing list of Keebos owners:

  • Eva Longoria
  • Tori Spelling
  • Maria Menounos
  • Gina Rodriguez
  • Joy Corrigan
  • Domitila Barros
  • Scarlett Johansson 
  • Emily in Paris
  • Brandi Marshall


Keebos have also been featured on Emily in Paris, and in several digital and print magazines, including:

  • Who What Wear
  • Fit Bottomed Girls
  • Elle
  • DuJour
  • SheFinds
  • People Espanol
  • Gadgetflow
  • Hercampus
  • Working Mother
  • Daily Mail
  • Health

8. Wear It Any Way You Want

Part of the fun of Keebos is that you can wear it any way you want! You can wear it as a lanyard or in the same way that you would wear a crossbody bag. Phone cases with cords and straps are adjustable, and with our Voyage phone cases, you can even remove the strap if you’d like!

best phone case for moms mums

9. No More Bulky, Heavy Bags

Purses are exhausting to lug around all the time, so it’s a huge relief to busy moms when they can carry their phone cases and credit cards in one place. Keebos are lightweight, so even if you have a giant diaper bag to lug around, at least you won’t need an extra purse!


Large purses can cause strain over time and other significant health issues, like muscle spasms and pinched nerves. Take a break from all the heavy lifting with Keebos. 

10. Give Back to Mother Nature

Another reason why Keebos are the best phone case for moms is because we like to give back to Mother Nature. With every phone case purchase, we ensure a tree is planted through our partner organization, One Tree Planted.

By doing this, we’re taking steps to maintain and improve air quality, water, biodiversity, wellness, climate, and make a positive social impact by continuing to provide jobs through the growth of more trees. 

We also send out our phone cases in eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging. We don’t use fancy dyes or packages because the last thing this planet needs is more waste. 

Keebos, The Best Phone Case for Moms

There are plenty of gifts for moms out there, but Keebos are a gift that moms will actually use. In fact, our Instagram page is full of pictures of cool moms with their kids, wearing their Keebos. As a mom, you’ve got a lot going on. You don’t need to be worried about your phone on top of everything else!


Get Keebos and experience the hands-free and carefree life for yourself. Just think: how much more free time will you have when you don’t need to look around for your phone anymore?

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