The Best iPhone Lanyard - 2024

The Best iPhone Lanyard

The Best iPhone Lanyard

One of the hottest phone trends of the year are stylish iPhone lanyards –– for good reason! Phone necklaces and crossbody phone cases offer users tons of benefits that other phone cases just can’t beat. 

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If you’re rocking a great outfit with small pockets, an iPhone lanyard is just what you need to keep your phone close without compromising your style. Likewise, if you’re heading out in a cute bikini for some fun in the sun, a phone necklace is the perfect way to keep your phone safe and secure.

best iphone lanyard

With so many options for phone cases, it can be tough to pick the best one. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place for the best iPhone lanyard case! Keebos offers the best iPhone lanyard cases and crossbody phone cases for smartphone users of all lifestyles. Whether you work from home or you’re constantly on the go, there’s no better phone case than Keebos.

Keep It Simple With Our iPhone Case With Lanyard

Keebos makes the best all-in-one phone case for people who like to keep it simple. Keep all your essentials close when you hit the town with a phone case that doubles as a card wallet. There’s no need for a clunky purse or an expensive backpack –– just grab your Keebos wallet phone case and you’re good to go! 

Keebos crossbody phone cases combine a sleek, sturdy phone case with a card wallet, strap, and lanyard that make it easy to keep all your important items close. The wallet includes a sealable sideways card pocket that can easily fit a few credit cards and an ID, which means you can go out without the need for pockets or a bag.

Lets You Go Anywhere

Keebos are the best phone case for people on the go. Whether you’re a busy mom trying to keep up with energetic children or you’re just going out on the town with a few friends, you can trust iPhone lanyards and crossbody phone cases from Keebos to protect your precious belongings.


When you buy from Keebos, you get more than a phone case –– you also get peace of mind. Keebos phone necklaces are equipped with a durable but stylish lanyard or strap that’s adjustable to your preferences. Keebos iPhone case with lanyard truly allow you to take your phone anywhere! 




With the safety strap around your body or neck, you don’t have to worry about dropping your phone down a storm drain, off of a bridge, down a mountainside, or off of a bicycle –– your phone will stay by your side no matter what!

You Can Wear Your Keebos With Anything

One of the reasons Keebos are the best iPhone lanyard cases is that they come in a wide variety of styles to match any wardrobe. Not only do the sleek phone cases come in a wide variety of colors, but it’s easy to mix and match lanyards in several styles.



Keebos lanyards are available as rugged straps, fashionable chains, and trendy cords –– both in solid colors and woven patterns. No matter your style, there’s a stylish Keebos for you!

iPhone Lanyards Are Gaining Popularity 

best iphone lanyard

Keebos are proving to be a major phone trend this year and beyond. They’re stylish and convenient and loved by people of all kinds of lifestyles. Keebos are the perfect accessories for seniors, tech-lovers, college students, moms, pet-lovers, and more. You can check out the hands-free and carefree magic of Keebos on Instagram!


But don’t just take our word for it –– celebrities love Keebos iPhone lanyard cases too! Eva Longoria, Tori Spelling, Maria Menounos, Elizabeth Weber, Joy Corrigan, Domitila Barros, and more have been spotted with stylish Keebos phone cases. Keebos combine style, durability, and convenience all in a single luxurious package, which is why so many celebrities want them!

Thanks to their popularity with both celebrities and everyday people, Keebos are a great gift for your friends and family. Phone cases are one of the things many people don’t think about, even though they’re an important investment for phone safety. You probably know someone who’s talked about replacing their phone case for months, but hasn’t gotten around to it. Surprise your friends with a stylish, sturdy phone case from Keebos –– they’ll be sure to thank you!

The iPhone Lanyard Protects Your Phone

What’s the best drop protection you can have for any phone? That’s right –– a case that prevents you from dropping your phone in the first place! Many bulky cases promise a high degree of drop protection, but only if you sacrifice the style and convenience of a sleek profile. 

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A bulky phone case can drag down a stylish outfit by forcing you to bring a large purse or bag. Plus, there’s always a chance that the case could fail when the phone hits the ground –– especially if the phone falls from a tall building, lands in the water, or ends up sliding out into a busy street.

Another way Keebos keep your phone safe is by protecting your phone from thieves, which is something no other phone case can do for you. No matter how well you protect your phone, there’s always a chance that someone could swipe it from the table when you turn your head or even steal it right out of your pocket! Neither scenario is possible with a sturdy iPhone lanyard from Keebos.


The only surefire way to protect your phone, cards, and ID from drops and thieves is to keep them by your side with a crossbody phone case from Keebos!

We Help You Support the Environment

One reason that Keebos is the best phone case for the environment is that they’ve partnered with One Tree Planted to plant a new tree for every Keebos purchase. We’re proud to do our part to help the environment, and we invite you to join our mission to protect the planet.

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As part of its commitment to sustainability, Keebos ships its products in eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging. Additionally, the Keebos Promise is a guarantee that we will continue to work towards reforestation and environmental restoration –– we just need a little bit of help from you!

We Prioritizes Customer Service

At Keebos, customer service is a top priority. After several bad experiences with other brands, the founder of Keebos decided to make spectacular customer service one of the central pillars of the Keebos brand. That’s why you can count on Keebos customer service to take care of you no matter what!



To make sure that you have a great experience, Keebos has built customer service into every aspect of the shopping journey. Keebos offers flexible live chat directly on the site along with email support and even a thriving social media community where you can get your questions answered anytime!

Keebos Has the Best iPhone Lanyard Case

Keebos crossbody phone cases offer the perfect combination of fashion, durability, and security for people of all lifestyles. Celebrities love them for their sleek, stylish designs, and customers are always satisfied thanks to great customer service from the Keebos brand. If you’re ready to upgrade your phone case, elevate your style, and support the environment, then get your new Keebos phone case today!

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