Best iPhone Case for the Outdoors

Best iPhone Case for the Outdoors


Want to get the best phone case for the outdoors?

Keebos is a phenomenal choice for a phone case, and it has so many features you can use. There are many amazing use cases, ie. It’s great for snowboarding because it keeps your phone from being dropped from the lift and, if you wear it in your coat, your phone will be protected from extreme weather conditions. 

It’s fantastic for walking meetings because it enables you to take notes on the go, is great for horseback riding in case of emergencies, and is handy for hikers because you can always access your phone’s GPS. Keebos are the choice for beachgoers everywhere, no matter how you plan to spend your time, and the wallet on the back comes in handy if you’re going to a theme park. 

It’s great for all kinds of world travel because it allows you to pack light, and is great for nature lovers because it’s eco-friendly and sustainable. Read on to find out more about this fantastic phone case!


Best iPhone Case for Skiing/Snowboarding

Looking forward to hitting the powder this winter? We’ve got the perfect phone case for you. Keebos are the best solution for skiers and snowboarders. The best part: you won’t drop your phone on the lift and you’ll be able to use the sweet wallet on the back to grab a cup of cocoa after you feel you’ve shredded enough.

Not sure how to keep your phone safe while you’re out there? We’ve created a blog with all the do’s and don’ts of bringing your phone with you while you ski. We get why your phone is important to you. Your phone’s safety is important to us, too, so we did some research on how to keep your phone safe on the slopes.  

Best iPhone Case for Walking Meetings

When we think of the outdoors, we’re usually thinking about getting in touch with nature. But even in urban areas, Keebos are the best iPhone case! Why? Because you can bring it along with you for your walking meetings as you spend time at your favorite park with your coworkers. Whether you need to use it to take notes or are inspired by the walk along the way, you can do it all with your trusty Keebos crossbody case and your iPhone.




You can enjoy the refreshment of being outside in the sunshine and getting your legs warmed up with a nice walk, all with the added benefit of a hands-free and carefree phone case. You can even stop for a snack at that pop-up coffee kiosk, because you’ll have your credit card in the Keebos wallet. Genius!

Great iPhone Case for Hiking

Keebos is a great choice for hikers because you can easily access your phone’s GPS and it won’t weigh you down like a big pack would. Because of our Keebos promise (more on that later), you can relax knowing that we care as much about connecting with nature as you do. Your phone is right with you and secure - whether you need to pay trail fees or are on a free public trail.


Having your phone can also help save you if you get lost or have an accident. You can immediately call someone to pick you up and let them know your location. Besides that, Keebos are super-affordable. Why wouldn’t you get one? 

Convenient iPhone Case for Horseback Riding

Horses are amazing, majestic creatures, so it makes sense that humans have domesticated and ridden them for years. There’s a certain bravado to horseback riding - you’ve got to be tough to do it, so you won’t want a wimpy case that can’t deliver the security and protection you’ll need if you fall off the horse.

Thankfully, you’re not the only one who’s been built tough: your Keebos phone case is tough, too. It’s got 4-corner bumper protection to absorb impacts and shocks to your phone, and the reinforced core of the premium cord ensures your phone won’t be trampled. If you need your phone on your horseback ride, it’ll be right there for you and easy to grab.

Best iPhone Case to Bring to the Beach

Keebos are incredibly popular for beach outings. We’ve had several customers flaunting their Keebos at the beach - and they do all sorts of things on their beach trips! 


One of our beachgoing Keebos customers was a mom who got to enjoy watching her kids put their toy sailboats in the water. It was amazing for her because her phone was always on hand to snap photos of her adorable kids having a great time.

There was another customer who was riding an ATV in Cabo San Lucas. She seemed to really love the fact that she could enjoy her beach ride without the distraction of finding a pocket for it or trying to hold her phone in her hand as she rode.

One satisfied Keebos customer took a fun trip to the Bahamas and cuddled a sweet piglet that she met there, and still another decided to paddleboard with her faithful cockapoo pup in Marina del Rey. It’s clear that no matter what you plan to do on the beach, Keebos are the best phone case to bring with you! 

You can’t go wrong with Keebos because your phone will stay safe and well-protected as you enjoy your beachgoing adventures. And since you can get some of the best photo ops at the beach, you’ll always be able to snap an amazing photo to upload to Instagram!

Best iPhone Case for Theme Park Trips

Planning a theme park trip with family or friends? Gonna be out all day long? Beyond the sunscreen, water bottles and umbrellas, you should bring Keebos! They’re nice and lightweight so you don’t have to worry about being weighed down by a heavy pack, but they still keep your phone secure in case you need it. 




And since you’ll likely be making your rounds at the gift shops around the theme park, you can keep your credit card in the wallet on the back of your Keebos for easy shopping! It doesn’t get any easier than that. 

Amazing iPhone Case for Traveling

If you’ve always dreamed of world travel and want to soak up the culture of another country without looking too obvious as a tourist, why not get some Keebos? You won’t be bogged down by too much stuff (backpacks and other unnecessary luggage are a dead giveaway).


The cool thing about Keebos is that you have all the same things you’d be tempted to bring along with you. Think about it: your phone already has a camera, and if you feel tempted to bring binoculars, just use your camera’s zoom feature! You can still get the full experience without being a dead ringer for a tourist. 

Great iPhone Case for Nature Lovers


If you love getting in touch with nature, then you’ll be thrilled about Keebos. We’re a sustainable phone case company who strongly believes in the preservation and protection of our natural resources - which is why we’ve partnered with One Tree Planted to ensure that a tree is planted with every Keebos purchase.

On top of that, we also package our Keebos in eco-friendly and biodegradable craft paper. We make sure our packaging is free of plastics and fancy dyes because the world we live in is important to us.

Want to get your sustainable iPhone case? Get a Keebos crossbody phone case today!

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