Why Should I Get a Crossbody Phone Case?

Why-Should-I Get-a-Crossbody-Phone-Case?


Why Get a Crossbody Phone Case?

If you’ve wondered: “What is a crossbody phone case?” we’ve got answers. 

In this article, we’ll talk about what crossbody phone cases are as we provide the answer to another question: “Why get a crossbody phone case?” We’ll describe why Keebos crossbody phone cases are helpful to multiple groups of people: hikers, moms, athletes, dog walkers, celebrities, disabled people, and more. 


1. Hikers Love That We Help Plant Trees 🌲

If you love to hike, chances are you love being out in nature, soaking up the sunshine, breathing in the fresh air, and enjoying the tranquility that can be found in a babbling brook or a stream. 


It’s no mystery that Keebos are handy, but did you know that we also donate a portion of our crossbody phone cases to One Tree Planted? The organization plants trees throughout the world, and by donating, we ensure that one tree is planted with every purchase. 


We also send our phone cases in eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging to minimize our impact on the environment. Keebos phone cases are shipped to you in craft paper packaging that’s free of plastics or fancy dyes. Why? Because we love nature just as much as you do!

2. Busy Moms are Hands-Free and Carefree


Moms have a lot going on. Depending on your kids’ ages, you:

  • Change diapers
  • Feed the babies
  • Clean up toddler messes
  • Do laundry
  • Wipe sticky hands
  • Keep items out of baby’s mouth
  • Chase down your excited little ones
  • Potty train your kids
  • Shuttle kids to school
  • Bring them to extracurricular activities
  • Coordinate doctor appointments
  • And much, much more!

It’s exhausting to be a mom! But as a busy mom, you’ll love that Keebos give you one less thing to worry about, because you won’t have to wonder where you left their phone. (Come on, mom, you’re already dealing with enough as it is - who has time to worry about where your phone is?)

3. Athletes Can Choose How to Wear Them


Depending on the type of athlete you are, you may need to choose a different way of wearing your Keebos. Your sport of choice may require a different weight distribution, or you may need to store your phone differently due to extreme weather. Thankfully, you can wear Keebos crossbody cases in three different ways: as a lanyard around your neck, on your left hip, or on your right hip like a crossbody bag. 

Skiers, snowboarders, horseback riders, ATV riders, bicyclists, skaters, and more use Keebos to keep their phones close as they participate in the sports they love. Keebos phone cases are also adjustable, so you can make them as long or short as you’d like. 

4. Dog Walkers Dig How Lightweight They Are


Depending on where you live, walking your dog can be a huge job. They need to stop and relieve themselves (which means you get to pick it up) and it can get pretty hot outside as you’re chasing to catch up to your canine. You don’t want to have any extra weight bogging you down as you take your dog for a walk. 

Thankfully, Keebos phone cases are a lightweight solution. Each Keebos crossbody phone case has a cord, a plastic case, an elastic band and a wallet - making it even more lightweight than competitor crossbody phone cases. Think of them as an ultra-streamlined purse, allowing you to keep only the necessities with you as you make your way through the neighborhood. 

5. The Elderly Can Keep Their Grip


As you get older, you find your grip strength beginning to decrease, and the things that you could easily do at a younger age become more difficult. The larger size of new phones only makes it harder to keep your grip. The elastic band on the back of your Keebos helps you hold your phone no matter what your grip strength is. 

Other reasons seniors love Keebos: they won’t lose their phones, they don’t have to dig it out of a pocket or purse, and they have easy access so they can snap pictures of grandbabies while they’re visiting! Seniors can even pay with cash if they’d like, thanks to the wallet on the back.

6. Healthcare Workers Are Grateful They’re Clean


When we donated Keebos to frontline COVID workers, we got to hear directly from nurses and doctors like you about what sets them apart from other phone cases. Many nurses loved that they could take it with them wherever they went. 

Being able to take your phone from room to room without setting it down means that they’re so much cleaner! You won’t pick up germs from setting your phone down in every room and you won’t need to worry about losing it.

Keebos allow you to keep your phone with you. At the end of the day, you can wipe off the Royal cases to get rid of any pesky germs that might be lingering on your phone. (You can wipe off other phone cases as well, but we recommend the Royal case for those who prefer a germ-free experience since the metal is easier to wipe off than a fabric cord.)

7. Festival Goers Can Quickly Pay for Food


Going to a fun festival? Whether you’re planning to go to Coachella, EDC, or another festival you’re bound to have a good time. Have an even better time by bringing Keebos! Keebos allow you to pay for food and drinks quickly so you can get back to where the action is. 


You keep your phone closer with Keebos, too. It’s a lot harder for a person to steal your phone right off your body (and that’s something you’re more likely to notice). Unfortunately, music festivals are known for being places where phone thieves come out to play - so keep your phone close if you want to truly enjoy your time there!


8. Bikers Look Rad in Keebos

Keebos can be worn by any group of people - whether you’re into classic elegance or a rad look that says, “Don’t mess with me.” 


We’ve got five different styles of black crossbody cases alone: Sunset, Midnight, Royal Onyx, Voyage, and Clear Voyage. If you’re a tough chick, we also have Abbot Kinney (which is our camo green case). 

Want something with more color? We also have two pink cases (Rose and Flower), along with a gold case, an all-green case, and a woven red one. 

9. Celebs Adore This Designer Brand

Can’t get enough of celebrity news? Keebos are the designer brand you’ve been waiting for!





Keebos are much-beloved by the following celebrities/influencers/models:

  • Eva Longoria
  • Tori Spelling
  • Maria Menounos
  • Elizabeth Weber
  • Joy Corrigan
  • Domitila Barros

Keebos have been featured in the following magazines/shows:

  • Emily in Paris on Netflix (S2E9)
  • In Touch Magazine
  • Glitter Magazine
  • Green Child Magazine
  • Sheen Magazine
  • Daily Mail
  • Elle
  • DuJour
  • Health Magazine
  • Star Magazine
  • Her Campus
  • Working Mother
  • And more

10. Wedding Guests Can Snap Candid Shots


If you’re pro-phones at weddings, you’ll love Keebos! Your guests can snap candid shots of your special day, and you can get a behind-the-scenes look at all the crazy things your friends and family members did when you weren’t looking! 

If you want your bridal party to fully document your wedding without tacky phone cases putting a damper on your photos, why not give Keebos as a gift for your bridesmaids? They look super cute with dresses and are an elegant, useful solution. 

11. iPhone Fans Love the Simplicity


iPhone users are all about simplicity - they want intuitive processes without too much fuss. That said, they want the best of the best, too! Keebos phone cases work for almost any generation of iPhone you can think of. (Don’t believe us? Check out our product page.) 


The iPhone vs. Android debate probably stems from the “age-old” Mac vs. PC debate. Most PC users prefer how customizable PCs are, or prefer PCs because they enable them to play games, whereas Mac users prefer the intuitive layout offered by Apple computers. Creatives tend to favor Macs, whereas more number-oriented minds favor PCs. There’s likely a trickle-down effect in terms of brand loyalty that influences our phone choices.

Keebos are a simple solution to the common problem of “What should I do with my phone?” With Keebos, you can keep your phone, ID card, and credit cards all in the same place. You can even use the keychain to keep your keys on it - and all you have to do is place your phone into the case! What could be simpler?

12. Android Fans Love the Options


As simple as Keebos are, there are also plenty of options. As we stated above, PC fans tend to like options and customization. With Keebos, we give you plenty of options: different colors, different styles for phone cases, and we’re constantly working to give you even more options. 

If you like having lots of options, you’ll love Keebos. We keep the price point low enough that you can get several of them if you want to coordinate with different outfits! Keebos are compatible with lots of Samsung phones, from the new Samsung S22 down to the S9. 

13. Convenient for Disabled People to Use


If you’re disabled or recently injured, without full use of your arm or your legs, Keebos will keep your life from slamming to a standstill. You’ll still have full access to your phone so you can answer calls from concerned friends and family or contact them if you need help.

Even better, you won’t have to worry about accidentally hurting yourself because you’re trying to catch a falling phone or because you’re laying in bed watching Netflix and then you lose your grip. The last thing you need is to be in more pain, right?

14. Tourists Blend in Better with Keebos


Traveling around the world is an experience that you’ll never forget - but it’s nice to have a way to document it, even if you won’t forget it. The common tourist stereotype is listed as:

If you want to buck the stereotypes, you can lighten your load a bit by just bringing your Keebos phone case, ID, and credit card with you. You’ll have less to weigh you down as you admire the sights and sounds of the country, and people may not even be able to tell that you’re a tourist!

15. “Do I Need a Crossbody Phone Case?”


We hope this article has shown you how helpful it is to have a crossbody phone case in every walk of life! No matter where you are in life, Keebos crossbody phone cases can help you get more done without needing to worry about where your phone is all the time. 

Here’s a recap of all the benefits Keebos phone cases have to offer:

  • You won’t drop or lose your phone
  • Easily pay for food and drink
  • Wipe it off if it gets germy/dirty
  • Stylish for wedding guests and bikers alike
  • Simple but with plenty of options
  • Adjustable and can be worn multiple ways

Are you dying to get your hands on a Keebos crossbody phone case? Check out our selection and then choose your phone model from the dropdown menu to order your first Keebos case!

Do I Need a Crossbody cell Phone Case

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